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Tarskavaig Tarscabhaig(Cod Bay) When crofting was introduced on Lord Macdonald’s estates in 1811, 31 small crofts were created in Tarskavaig. They were small because the tenants were expected to supplement their income by fishing. A postal service from Broadford was introduced in 1867, but the first post office in the village was not opened till 1898. A Free Church chapel was built close to the shore, to the south of the township. The village of Tarskavaig has links to a well-known yacht-building firm in Sandbank Argyll, Alexander Robertson & Sons. Alexander Robertson, the company founder, was born in Inverkip in 1851, but his father, another Alexander, was born in Tarskavaig. Alexander senior was the son of the Gaelic bard, Donald Robertson, of No. 30 Tarskavaig. More information about Alexander Robertson & Sons (yachtbuilders) can be found on wikipedia. David Hutcheson, a descendant of the Robertsons of Sandbank, has written a 125 page history of Tarskavaig. It can be viewed and downloaded from The Islands Book Trust website