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Point of Sleat

Point of Sleat Rudha Shlèite sometimes called Dearaneach or An Doireannach

Five crofts were created here in 1850. These were by no means the first inhabitants of Point. Traces of Mesolithic occupation have been found here.

There is a snug harbour here. In 1902 the Congested Districts Board gave a grant of £20 towards the enlargement of the harbour. It could originally shelter up to 30 boats but this figure would be doubled by the improvements. The whole project was to cost £32 13s 6d, with the shortfall being made up by local contributions of money and labour. In its annual report, the Board reported that the local fishermen "have worked with zeal and intelligence and have contributed free labour to the value of £10 2s 6d".

In the same year, the Congested Districts Board gave a grant of £27 towards creating a proper footpath to Point from Aird.

The lighthouse was built in 1934. The tower was dismantled and replaced in 2003 by a concrete structure with a solar powered light.

Point of Sleat Lighthouse

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