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Aird An Aird

During the 18th century this farm was held on a tack. It was then divided into 19 crofts in 1811. By 1860 a 20th croft had been created out of an area called the Black Lots, originally tenanted by a number of cottars.

Aird Cottages

In the 1760s there was a mill on the Allt Mor. There was a school here in the 1840s but this had closed down by the 1850s. By then those of the Aird children who went to school attended the one at Camard. After the Education Act of 1872 another school was built in Aird. It was between crofts 3 and 4. It burnt down and was replaced by the school built on croft 16. In the early 1900s there were over 80 children attending Aird School. At the time it closed in 1957 there were only three.

The church was built in 1907. By the early 1980s there were only 6 people attending the church and it was sold. It is now a private house.

Aird School

Aird School