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Calligarry, Calgary, Caileagaraidh (Kali’s enclosure or garden)

20 crofts.

There were originally two parts to Calligarry – Mòr and Beag. Calligarry beag was south of the Teanga Mhòr. It was absorbed into Tormore in the early 19th century. At the same time part of the old farm of Alltatuath was merged with Calligarry.

The Bank of Scotland had a one-roomed bank here from 1935, open once a week. It closed in the early 1970s to be replaced by a travelling van service. The other banks on the island also maintain a travelling service to the district.

The first public housing in the parish was built here in the 1940s. Work had started in 1938 but was put on hold for the duration of the war.

Calgarry Old House

Old House at Bal’ur, Calligarry