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Armadale Armadal (the Bay of the Dale)

The Macdonalds of Sleat had a house here, possibly a fortified tower house, from at least the 1600s. In 1814 work started on the building which became known as Armadale Castle.

MacBrayne’s steamers used to call at Armadale before the public pier was built. Passengers and luggage were offloaded into a small boat.

Unloading at Armadale before the pier

Unloading at Armadale

The first public pier was built during the first world war. It was originally planned to be just a temporary structure. Over the years it was extended and modified. Finally in the 1990s a completely new roll-on roll-off ferry terminus was built.

Building Armadale Pier

Building Armadale Pier

The house at Craig a Chaim, built by the boat builder John MacDonald, was bought by the Parish Council in the 1920s to be used as the Doctor’s House and surgery. In 1972 the surgery and doctor’s house were moved to Ferindonald.

There have been several shops at Armadale, including one run by Neil MacLean in the 1930s and 40s.

In the 1970s a sailing club was set up and a clubhouse built near the old private pier. It is now a Youth Hostel.

Armadale Pier

Armadale Pier