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Kilmore A’ Chill Mhòr (the big church)

The site of the parish church. For more information on the history of the church see under Topics

Kilmore was also the site of a change house or public house during the 18th and early 19th century.

The new Sleat manse was built here in 1811. The manse was known as An Taigh Bàn (the white house). Although it was never actually white in colour - more a light grey - fishermen could easily see it and used it as a navigation aid.

At the same time as the manse was being built, a glebe was created out of part of the farm. Before this, the local minister had been given the tenancy of a farm in lieu of a glebe (see Ostaig and Knock). The existing tenants of Kilmore were so disgusted at losing part of their land to the new glebe that they ploughed up all the land in protest. The minister complained that there was nowhere to graze his cattle. The remaining part of the farm was turned into 6 crofts.

The parish school was here in the early 19th century