Isleornsay Inn




Camuscross Camus na Croise or Camus Cros (The bay of the cross)

40 crofts

This farm was let out to a tacksman until the end of the 18th century. The original house is very probably the old house still standing at No 15. Lord Macdonald had ideas of creating a village here in much the same way as he proposed to develop Portree and Kyleakin. Supposedly there was as much whisky drunk here as in either of those two places; this was given as a good reason to develop a village! As part of this plan, it was divided into crofts in 1801, ten years earlier than most other farms in Sleat.

Croft 1 was reserved for the tenant of the Isle Ornsay Inn (see Eilean Iarmain). The smithy was on this croft in the 1870s. Later this was where the local policeman stayed.

The small area along the shore at the south end of the township was known as Cruard, sometimes referred to in the rentals as the Garden Ground. There were a number of small crofts here.

Camuscross Bridge

Camuscross Bridge