Neil and Nelly MacDonald ploughing at Capisdale



Schools in the Parish

Parish School

Until the Education Act of 1872, the main school in Sleat was the parish school. Lord Macdonald paid for the salary of the parish schoolmaster, as he was the only heritor in the...

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History of Churches in Sleat


Kilmore Church

Various sources suggest that the site of Kilmore Church was a place of pagan worship before the Christian era. There is a tradition that St Columba landed on the shore...

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Ardvasar Smithy

The Smithy was originally located on the site where Ardvasar School now stands. When the school was built in 1877, the Smithy was shifted to a new site on the hillside behind the Shop. At that...

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Population Table

A simple chart showing population trends in the parish between 1755 and 2001.


This chart is based on information from the censuses taken every 10 years from 1801, and Dr Alexander Webster’s...

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Sleat War Memorial, Kilmore

The Sleat War Memorial is a granite obelisk on a hillock just to the north of the parish church at Kilmore. It includes names from both world wars. There are also a number of war graves in the...

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