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An Taigh Bàn (the white house) The old name for Kilmore manse. Although it was never actually white in colour - more a light grey - the fishermen would have easily seen it and used it as a landmark. 655068 [F, CM] MAP.7.105

Taigh Chìopair a’ Chnuic (the shepherd’s house of the hill) 670090 [CM] MAP.7.15

Taigh Cìopair a’ Bhràigh (the shepherd’s house of the upper part) 685121 [CM] MAP.4.76

Taigh Eilidh (Eilidh’s house) 633031 [CM] MAP.9.18

Taigh Eòghainn (Ewen’s house) 631031 [CM] MAP.9.17

Taigh Mhalagain (Malagan house) This was the Doctor’s house for about 35 years from from c 1970 661077 [CM] MAP.7.74

Taigh na h-Ath (the house of the kiln) They would mash the ears of corn here. 592005 [CM] MAP.8.20

Taigh nan Gilean (Gillen House) 582087 [CM] MAP.5.107

Taigh an Tairbh (the house of the bull) 594090 [CM] MAP.5.97

Taigh an Tairbh (the house of the bull) [PNP] MAP.4.65.

Tarsgabhaig, Tarskavaig (the bay of the cod - Norse) 585100 [F, CM] MAP.5.

Tartar, An (the noise or noisy one) Rock north of Knock. [F]

Teampall Choan, Chomghain (Comgan or Congan’s temple or church) A chapel of importance. An ancient baptismal font was found here. Ord. 618132[F, OS]

Teanga, An Teangaidh (the tongue or narrow strip of land. Old Norse tunga, toonga) Also known as Teangaidh chumhang (narrow tongue). Tongue also called Teangleachkach - teanga leachdach (flaggy or flat- stoned tongue) It lies on a slope.662091 [F, CM] MAP.7.

An Teanga Mhòr (the big tongue) 624026 [CM] MAP.9.24

Teanga eadar dà Allt (narrow piece of land between two burns) 612093 [CM] MAP.6.7

Thuighe, An t-Thuighe Mhòr, An t-Uidh (the great ford). At Point of Sleat. [F]

Toakavaig, Toakvaig, Tocavaig, Tokovaig, Tocabhaig (the swelling or boisterous bay; otherwise given as south bay; sometimes given as pig or whale bay, from torc vig - sea boar but this is doubtful. Name thought altogether Norse) 601119 [F]

Tobair an t-Sluic (the well of the gorge) 598084 [CM] MAP.5.129

Tobar a’ Bhail’ Ur (the well of the new town) 631031 [CM] MAP.9.62

Tobar a’ Cheàrd (the well of the smithy) 611013 [CM] MAP.9.48

Tobar a’ Chladaich (the well of the shore) Runs out in spout below the Glebe. Possibly at 657065.[F]

Tobar a’ Chlèir\a’ Chlèire (the well of the minister) This well used to be on Bu Chlerich but it was closed in 1851. It drained into Allt (a) Fiodhach.[F]

Tobar a’ Choilich (the well of the spout or rill of water) On the glebe at lower part of Cnoc an t-Sabhail.[F]

Tobar a’ Ghobha, Ghobhainn (the smith’s well) Forbes states that this Smiddy used to be at Kilmore but was moved to Ardavasar. see also Tobar a’ Cheard [F]

Tobar an Dòmhnaich (the Lord’s well - Dominus; also the church or Sunday well) Near Teampall Choan, Ord, along with Tobar na Slàinte. There is another Tobar an Dòmhnaich at Sartle in north Skye, at the temple or church of St. Malrube. [F]

Tobar an Dròbhair (the drover’s well) Stonefield. [F]

Tobar an Fhìona (the well of the wine) [F]

Tobar an Sgùnain 701122? [CM] MAP.4.48.

Tobar an Tom Droighinn (the well of the thorn or bramble thicket) Thought to be another name for Tobar a’ Chlèir. Bramble bushes grew round it before it was closed.[F]

Tobar Baile nan Agh (the well of the township of the heifers) 678157 [CM] MAP.1.3

Tobar Bharabhaig (Baravaig’s well) The Informant was not sure what the name was. This name is a guess. 697108? [CM] MAP.4.116

Tobar Buaile na Bèiste (the well of the fold of the beast) [PNP] MAP.4.109

Tobar Chlachaig (the village well) "The road runs over it now. Everyone here used it". 698112 [CM] MAP.4.88.

Tobar Choan, Chomhgain \ Tobar an Teampaill (Comgan or Congan’s well \ the well of the temple) Ord. See Teampall Choan.[F]

Tobar Glaic an Fhùdair (the well of the hollow of the powder) 661079 [F, CM] MAP.7.102

Tobar ‘ian Annasdain (Iain Anderson’s well) 587096 [CM] MAP.5.19

Tobar Iarainn (the iron well) 661096 [CM] MAP.7.45

Tobar Loite (the rotten well) Ord [CM] Map.3.48

Tobar Lòn Fheàrna (the well of the alder meadow) 701129 [CM] MAP.4.54.

Tobar na Coireagan (the well of the little corries; suggestion of coireag - little kettle) Sasaig. [F]

Tobar na Pìobairean (the well of the pipers) 629034 [CM] MAP.9.61

Tobar na Sìthean (the well of the fairy) 617040 [CM] MAP.9.40

Tobar na Slàinte (the well of healing)- Near Teampall Choan, Ord, [F, CM] Map.3.48

Tobar na Sluic (the well of the hollows or pits) Near Gillen. [F]

Tobar Raonaid (Rachel’s well) Named after an old woman who used to live here. 693112? [CM] MAP.4.109

Tobar Ruadh (the red well) 626037 [CM] MAP.9.34

Tobar Toireasgail (peat knife will) See Acha Toirsgil. [F]

Tobar Tòrr a’ Bhuara This well served all of Duisdale Beag. 696125 [CM] MAP.4.59.

Tobht’ a’ Mhartainneach (the ruin of the Martins) 563014 [CM] MAP.8.61

Tobhta Alan (Alan’s ruin) 593083 [CM] MAP.5.112

Tobhta Bhochain (Bochan’s ruin) 699124. [CM] MAP.4.60.

Tobhta Iain Chamshron (Iain Cameron’s ruin) about 703141 [CM] MAP.4.11.

Tobhta ‘ian Bhodaich (Ian Bodaich’s ruin) 703131 [CM]MAP.4.33.

Tobhta ‘ian Floraidh (Ian Florry’s ruin) Iain Florry MacKinnon worked at Duisdale House 702142 [CM] MAP.4.10.

Tobhta Innis Mhòr (Big Angus’ ruin) 563007 [CM] MAP.8.58

Tobhta Iseabail a’ Chladaich (Isabell of the shore’s ruin) 703131 [CM] MAP.4.34

Tobhta nam Miseachan (the ruin of the mistresses) These were Church of Scotland preachers who would come to the area now and again. 672160 [CM] MAP.1.26

Tobhta Seonaig Mhòir nam Faochagan (Big Seonag of the wilks’ ruin) 703132 [CM] MAP.4.32.

Tobhte Sheumais (Seumas’ ruin) 591013 [CM] MAP.8.41

Tobhte Thearlaich (Charlie’s ruin) 578003 [CM] MAP.8.50

TOGABHAIG, TOAKAVAIG, TOCAVAIG, TOKAVAIG (the swelling or boistrous bay, or the bay of the whale) [F, CM] MAP.5.

Tom Drain 595087 [CM] MAP.5.104

Torag (the little hill) Near Knock [F]

Tormore, Toremore, An Torra Mhòr, An Tòrr Mòr (the big hill) Long held by a family of MacDonalds "Fear an Tòrr Mòr". Just south of Calligarry. 617017 [F]

Tòrr a’ Bhuara 696126 [CM] MAP.4.58.

Tòrr a’ Chama Reidh (hill, conical hill of smooth or level turn or bend) See also A’ Chama Reidh Map.7.37 [F]

Tòrr a’ Mhuileagan (the hill of the bundle) 596004 [CM] MAP.8.5

Tòrr an Daimh (the hillock of the stag) 628028 [F, CM] MAP.9.22

Tòrr Beag (the small hill) 591107 [CM] MAP.5.61

Tòrr Gorm (the blue/green hill) 657076 [CM] MAP.7.96

An Torr Mor - Tormore (the big hill). 619017 [F, CM] MAP.9.

Tòrr Mòr (the big hill) 593108 [CM] MAP.5.62

Tòrr na Muclach (the hill of the piggery) East of Knock castle. Also given Mucrach. 685086. See Cnoc to Ostaig list, No 28.[F]

Tòrr na Tairbh (the hill of the bulls) [F]

Tòrr nam Muclach (the hill of the he-goats) (the hill of the piggery: Forbes) 685086 [CM] MAP.7.28

Tòrr Roid (bog myrtle hill) 671094 [F, CM] MAP.7.36

Tòrr Sìthein, Tòrr Sìtheag (fairy hill) 671089 [CM] MAP.7.14

Tòrr, An, Tòrr Dubh (the black hill or mound) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Tortamhurich, Tontamhurich, (a tonguee of land between two seas) Forbes gives this as Tort a’ Mhanaich (the cake or wafer of the monk) but in the Macdonald estate papers it is more commonly given as Tortamurich or Tortamhurich. In the mid 18th century it was included in the tack of the tacksman of Camuscross. Near Isle Ornsay. [F]

Torvaig, Toravig, Tor Vig, Tòrr a’ Bhaig (hill bay) Knock. This was the name of the house built by Colonel Kemble inthe 1930s which is now a hotel. The name was supposedly made up by the Colonel. It is a combination of Tòrr Roid and Gleann Horabhaig - Tòrr a’ Bhaig, [F]

Totaichean, Tobhtaichean (the ruins of turf built houses) Tarskavaig. [F]