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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Raoin an Carnan 582026 [CM] MAP.8.71

Rèidh a’ Chamas (the level ground of the bay) 595999 [CM] MAP.8.1

Rèidhachail from Rèidh na Coille (the levelness of the wood) 641056 [CM] MAP.6.33

Riadhan, An (the trail, streak, or temporary passage for water to run in) Possibly a mill lade. See also Allt Riadhan - both at Tarskavaig. [F]

An Riasg (the course grass) 627026 [CM] MAP.9.60

Rìbhinn Bhòidheach (the beautiful young woman) 704144 [CM] MAP.4.08.

Rinn, Ruinn na Caoraich (the sheep rhinns or peninsula) [F]

Rolaig Roid see under An Dorneil or Doirling At Isle Ornsay. [F]

An Rubha Eòin (the birds’ headland) 684084 [CM] MAP.7.26

Rubha na Cille Bige (the promontory of the small chapel) 655062 [F, CM] MAP.7.92

Rubha Phòil (Paul’s promontory) This is where some of the MacDonald’s from Glencoe arrived after the massacre. It could also be named after Paul Balkesson, medeival sheriff of Skye.. 639036 [F, CM] MAP.9.13

Rudh’ an Aichrie (the point or promontory of the level field) Ach’ Rèidh [F]

Rudh’ an Iasgaich (fishing point) A common name – one each at Point of Sleat, Dalavil and Tarskavaig. OS 553025 [F, Stobie]

Rudh’ an Tuirc (boar point) At Ferindonald [F]

Rudha Càrn nan Cearc (the point of the cairn of the hens) Song: "Cho lionmhor ris na Coilich dhubh air rudhaichean na h-Airde" (as plentyiful as the black cocks on the Aird promontories) Point of Sleat. OS 553034[F]

Rudha Chùirn Dheirg (red cairn point) The point is different from surrounding rock strata. Near Point of Sleat. [F]

Rudha Chùirn na Càise, Càrn na Càise (the promontory of the cairn of the cheese) See Cnoc na Càise, Rudhachan na Càise [F]

Rudha Dhùghaill (Dougal’s point) 715147 [CM] MAP.4.02.

Rudha Dubh Ard, an Dubh Aird (black height mount) Near Ord. OS 623144. Also south-east of Armadale Bay, Rudha Dubh Sheumais (Seumas’s black point) OS 635029[F]

Rudha Guail (coal point) An inferior kind of coal found near here. North east of Isle Ornsay. OS 734155[F]

Rudha na Caillich, Rhunacallich, (the point or promontory of the old woman or nun) Near Kylerhea. OS 800245[F]

Rudha na Creige Beithe (point of the birch clad rock) Also given as Rudha na creige leithe (grey rock) [F]

Rudha na Dallaig, Dallaige (the point of the shrew mouse) frequently applied in Sleat to the spotted dog fish. [F]

Rudha na h-Ard Bhàn (the point of the tall women, or of the women of high social class) [F]

Rudha na h-Eich (the point of the horses) [F]

Rudha na h-Uamha Mòr(a) (the point of the great cave\s) Tarskavaig. See Tarskavaig list, No 14.[F]

Rudha na Tràigh Bàine (the point of the white beach) At Ostaig, Kilbeg.

Rudha nan Eun, Rudh’ an Eoin (the point of the birds) [F]

Rudha Port na Feannaig (the point of the harbour of the carrion or hoodie crow) But alleged to be from the ground being worked, feannaig, feannaige (lazy beds) [F]

Rudha Shlèite (point of Sleat) An Doireannach - the name for the point, perhaps it comes from Dearaneach - the ending. 563991 [F, CM] MAP.8.54

Rudha Sloc an Eòrna (the hollow of the barley point) 588086 [CM] MAP.5.116

Rudha Tharsgabhaig (Tarskavaig Point) 577096 [CM] MAP.5.1

Rudhachan a’ Chàise (the promontories of the cheese) Easter customs and traditions were supposedly enacted here. [F]

Ruighe a’ Chreagan, Righe (the slope, hillside or sheiling of the little rock) Near the Gasgan, Ord. [F]

Ruighe Buidhe (the yellow slope or hillside) 603082 [CM] MAP.6.13

An Ruighe Buidhe (the yellow hillside or slope) 599081 [CM] MAP.5.130

An Ruighe Buidhe (the yellow slope or hillside) 591094 [CM] MAP.5.92