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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Galla na Gaoithe (the ridge of the wind) 592006 [CM] MAP.8.22

Garapheighinn, Geàrr (a’) Pheighinn (the short or little pennyland) Sasaig. [F]

Gararaltan, Garbh Alltan (the rough streamlet) Sasaig. [F]

A’ Gharrabhalt (the rough burn) 589112 MAP.5.69

Garbhaig, A’ Ghairbheag (the little rough place or spot) The Free Church manse was built here. Allt a’ Ghairbhig runs close by. 667090 [F]

Garradh Crìoche (the boundary enclosure) 589095 [CM] MAP.5.87

Garradh Drioma (the ridge of the enclosure) This dyke runs from Togavaig to Loch Dughall. 602098 [CM] MAP.6.26

Gead a’ Bholla (the boll ridge - portion of arable land needed to sow a boll) Ostaig. Similar name in Teangue. [F]

Gead a’ Lìn (gead: piece of arable land, lìn: linseed - the arable land of the linseed) 667088 [CM] MAP.7.6

Geal Ghillean (white boys) rocks. [F]

Geat a’ Dhearg (the red gate) 573004 [CM] MAP.8.49

An Geat Dubh (the black gate) 592084 [CM] MAP.5.113

Geat an Eich Dhuibh (the gate/ the arable land of the black horse?) 587105 [CM] MAP.5.41

Geur Rudha (sharp point or promontory, the point of sharpness) Point of Sleat. 556013 [F, OS]

A’ Ghearra Bheinn Iosal (the low little mount) 666085 [CM] MAP.7.54

Ghearra Bheinn (short or little mount: Forbes)

A’ Ghearra Bheinn Ard (the high little mount) 661086 [F, CM] MAP.7.53

Gillen, Na Gillean (the gylls or hollows, a narrow glen) 588088 [F, CM] MAP.5.

Glaic a’ Cheàrd (the hollow of the smithy) 576042 [CM] MAP.8.76

Glaic an Fheadain (the hollow of the brook) 622032 [F, CM] MAP.9.28

Glaic an Fhùdair (the nook of the powder, or could be ùghdair instead of fùdair - the nook of the author?) 660079 [F, CM] MAP.7.73

Glaic Dhorcha (the dark hollow) 566025 [CM] MAP.8.63

Glaic Mhòr, A’ Ghlaic Mhòr, Glaic Mhòr nan Glac (the great hollow, the great hollow of hollows) Tarskavaig. [F]

Glaic na Bò, nam Bà Mhaola (the hummel cow hollow, or cows) [F]

Glaic na Ceàrdaich (the hollow of the smithy) 588104 [CM] MAP.5.58

Glaic na Craoibh’ Chaorainn (the hollow of the rowan) 606087 [CM] MAP.6.11

Glaic na Dòrnag, Lag na Dòrnag, (the hollow of the small stones) 588103 [CM] MAP.5.57

Glaic nam Mèarlach (the hollow of the thieves) Dalavil. [F]

Glaic nan Cnàmh (the hollow of the bones) 567029 [CM] MAP.8.64

Glaic nan Cnauch (the hollow of the raven) Tarskavaig. [F]

Glaic Tobar an Eoin (the hollow of the well of the bird) [PNP] MAP.4.79.

An Gleannan (the small glen) 679087 [CM] MAP.7.29

Gleann Dhòmhnaill Pheatuir (Donald Peter’s Glen) Gleann Dhòmhnaill Pheutain (Donald Beaton’s Glen) 592085 [CM] MAP.5.106

Gleann Meadhonach (Mid glen) Between Dalavil and Ostaig. 610054 [F, OS]

Gleann Meodal. Above Knock. 665104 [F, OS]

Gleann Shasaig (Sasaig glen) Formerly known as Gleann Hunisdal or Hinisdal. Used as grazing by the township of Sasaig. According to Forbes, several young girls said to have been killed here by a water-horse from Loch na Doireanaich 627120 [F, Stobie] MAP.3.37

Glumag Dhonnchaidh (Duncan’s pool) 588089 [CM] MAP.5.96

Gnob Buidhe, A’ Ghnob Buidhe (the yellow lump) A fishing rock, near Camuscross. [F]

Gnoban nam Bodach (the knob or rock lump of the codlings - bodaich-ruadh) Ardvasar Bay. [F]

Gob Bharabhaig (beak of Baravaig) 702109 [CM] MAP.4.115

Goirt an Eòrna (the field of the corn) corn was planted here 687161 [CM] MAP.1.15

Gob a’ Rudha (the point of the promontory or point of Slea). Forbes also gives this as Kooperhu [F]

An Goirtean (the field, the garden, the cultivated field) 590113 [CM] MAP.5.80

Goirtean Ard, Goirt an Aird (the high patch of arable land) 591091 [F, CM] MAP.5.91

Goirtean Driseach (bramble fields) 589005 [CM] MAP.8.27

Greenland This field doesn’t get much sun so in cold weather, the frost lies here for a long time 661074 [CM] MAP.7.76

Grimera (Grimm or Grimr’s island) Thought to be at least two islands of this name off Skye. [F]

Na Gurabanan There are cairns on top of these rocks - perhaps they were navigational aids. 571004 [CM] MAP.8.67