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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Eaglais a’ Chnuic (the church of the hill) 668089 [CM] MAP.7.10

An Eaglais Bheag (the small church) 699128 [CM]MAP.4.55.

Eantraidh someone made a song about the piece in the middle " an cabhan cruaidh", they built the road in 1958 [CM] MAP.7.8

Eas a’ Chait (the waterfall of the cat) “they would drown cats here in the big pool” 586098 [CM] MAP.5.21. According to Forbes there is also a waterfall of this name near Knock

Eas a’ Choire Bhuidhe (the water fall of the yellow corry) Kylerhea. [F]

Eas a’ Mhuic (the pig or boar’s waterfall) Kylerhea. See Allt Eas a’ Mhuic marked on Ordnance survey at 780236.[F]

Eas a’ Mhuilinn (the waterfall of the mill) Should be eis (hindrance) refers to mill dam. [F]

Eas an Dubh (the black waterfall) 614017 [CM] MAP.9.47

Eas an t-Sìl (the waterfall of the seed) 586101 [CM] MAP.5.24

Eas Toraig [F]

Easa Mòr, An t-Eas(a) Mòr (the great waterfall) [F]

An t-Eilean (the island) “That’s what we always called Ornsay”. Orfiris-ey (Norse for Ebb-tide Island) Forbes 711126 [CM] MAP.4.39.

Eilean Ard nan Gobhar or Eilean Aird nan Gobhar (island of the goat’s height or haunt) At or off Teangue. [F]

Eilean Choinnich (Kenneth’s island) a tinker’s child drowned in loch and was buried here 592107 [CM] MAP.5.72

Eilean Ealasaid (Elizabeth’s island) Tongue. [F]

Eilean Ealasaid (Elizabeth’s Isle: F & PNP) or Baile na Grèine (the township of the sun: PNP) 702123 MAP.4.50.

Eilean Eoin (John’s island) Forbes says this relates to Eòghain - a cooper, and says this is at Isle Ornsay. The OS gives the name as Eilean Eòin (the island of birds) at grid reference 712121. Forbes says that this island, Eilean Eòin is near Knock

Eilean Iarmainn, Eilean Iarmaid, Eilean Tioram (dry or ebb-tide isle) Eilean Dhiarmaid (Dermott’s island) 702125 [F, CM, Stobie] MAP.4.52.

An t-Eilean Mòr Ostaig (the big island at Ostaig) It becomes an island as the tide comes in. 652058 [CM] MAP.7.99

Eilean Maol (the bare island) 642033 [CM] MAP.9.12

Eilean na Fèidh (the island of deer) 551029 [CM] MAP.8.62

Eilean nan Each (the island of the horses) Possible corruption or a connection with an each-uisge (water-horse) 702127 [CM, OS] MAP.4.53.

Eilean Naoighean Sìthe, Naoidhean (the isle of the child of peace) Off Kilbeg. See Port Farala. [F]

Eilean na Sgadain, Sgeir na Sgadain (the island or skerry of the herring) 699111? [CM] MAP.4.85.

Eilean Ruairidh (Ruairidh’s island) There used to be a blacksmith called Ruairidh. They used to say that blacksmiths were secretive; they didn’t want anyone to learn their craft; and it’s possible that Ruairidh worked away on this rock out of sight of others. 594123 [CM, OS] MAP.5.86

Eilean Sgòrach, An t-Eilean Sgòrach (the rough or jagged island) here are two islands of this name in Sleat, one at Point of Sleat, 560992, the other in Ardvasar Bay 640032 [F, OS]

Eilean Sionnach (fox island) Isle Ornsay, on which the lighthouse stands. 714122 [F, OS]

Eileanan Dubha (the black islands) South of Kyleakin. 767269 [F, OS]

Eis a’ Bhreithealain, Bhreathalain (the hindrance, stop, or impediment of the cliffs) [F]

Endhebheg? Inibhaig (?) Said to be near or at Point of Sleat. [F]

Exhibition The origin of this name has been lost. One explanation is that the wood used to build the houses here came from the Empire Exhibition in Glasgow. Another possibility is that the houses were built by the Macdonald estate houses and were seen as a show case or exhibition of good estate housing. Another explanation is that the row of houses here were whitewashed and so were very obvious to fishermen at sea - hence the name. See also Sgurr a’Gobhainn 655064 [CM] MAP.7.93