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Bagh a’ Mhuilinn (the bay of the mill) Ostaig. 647056[F, OS]

Bàgh a’ Mhuilt/ Camas nam Mult (bay of the wedder) 704138 [CM, OS] MAP.4.29.

Bagh an Dubhaird (the bay of the dark height) Ord. 625145[F, OS]

Baigh a’ Chnuic (the bay of the hill) - Knock Bay 669085 [CM] MAP.7.19

Barravaig 692095 [F, CM, OS] MAP.7.32

Bealach (the pass) 618076 [F, CM] MAP.6.28

Bealach a’ Bhlàir (the pass of the field) Bealach an Làir 587101 [CM] MAP.5.23

Am Bealach Breac (the speckled pass) Am Bealach Bàn Both near Tarskavaig. [F]

Bealach a’ Chnuic (the pass of the hill) 664081 [F, CM] MAP.7.55

Bealach a’ Chreagain (little rock pass) Tarskavaig [F]

Am Bealach a’ Ghlinne Chruidh (the pass of the hard glen)

Bealach a màig (the pass of the arable field, or broad ridge of land) Sasaig [F]

Bealach an Loch (the pass the loch) Tarskavaig [F]

Bealach an t-Sleuchd (the path of the kneeling) “they would go down on their knees when they came in sight of the church“ 658071 [F, CM] MAP.7.80

Bealach Bàn (the fair or white pass) Above Gillen House. 592074 [F, OS]

Bealach Bhoirbh (Borve pass) Where a fort or borg was of old. Aird [F]

Bealach Breac (speckled pass) West of Maol Buidhe. [F]

Bealach Briosgaid (biscuit pass) 596077 [F, CM] MAP.5.126

Bealach Druim na Sàile (the pass of the sea ridge) [F]

Bealach Lag an Lochan (the pass of the hollow of the loch) [F]

Bealach na Greigh Leim (the pass of the flock of the leap or bound - bounding deer). On modern editions of the OS this is given as Bealach na Cruinn leum. Between Beinn na Seamraig and Beinn Aslag. Probably OS 738198, see also Stobie map.[F]

Bealach na h-Airidh Duibhe (the pass of the black or dark sheiling) [F]

Bealach na h-Iùbhraich (the pass of the yew tree, the pass of the fine view – Forbes thought the latter to be correct) [F]

Bealach na Làire Duibhe (the pass of the black mare) Tarskavaig [F]

Bealach na Seana Ghid (the pass of the old lazy-beds) [F]

Bealach nan Carn (the pass of the cairns) Coffins were rested here. On road from Tarskavaig to Kilmore. [F]

Bealach nan Cas (the pass of the feet) A short cut to Ord. 678131 [CM] MAP.4.22.

Bealach Tholl (hole pass) See Clach Tholl. [F]

Bealch Odal, Udal, Udail, Uddlaidh (the gloomy pass or pass of distress) It was supposedly haunted by a monster. This monster was not seen after the dead body of a man was found in the neighbourhood. Near Kylerhea.753207 [F, Stobie, OS]

Beinn Aslag, Aslak, Ashlaig 751192 [F, OS CM] MAP.2

Beinn Bheag (the small ben) 1488ft. West of Dùn Ruaige [F]

Beinn Bhochdaich, Bochdaich, Bhocaidh, Vokie. See Allt Mhochaidh.[F]

Beinn Bhradh, a’ Bhradh, Bra (mount of or like the quern or hand mill) At Duisdale. Possibly marked on the Ordnance Survey maps as Beinn Bhràghd ?675125?[F, OS]

Beinn Bhreac (speckled mount) 1427ft south of Beinn na Seamraig. 719164[F, OS]

Beinn Dhubh Leathan (black broad mount) Camuscross. 686113 [F, OS]

Beinn Dulaid, Dìollaid (saddle mount) Narrow ridge near Camuscross. [F]

Beinn Feur, Feòir (grass mount) North of Gillen. [F]

Beinn Fhuamhaire (the giant’s mountain) 623076 [CM] MAP.6.29

Beinn Fidhleir (fiddle mount) South of Meall Buidhe, near Loch na h-Uamha. 077624[F, OS]

Beinn Gaskin, a’ Ghasgain 643123 [F, CM] MAP.3.19.

Beinn Maellan, Meallan, or Am Meallan (mount of the little lump) 1425ft, known as Beacon Mount. North of Isle Ornsay.713161[F, OS]

Beinn na Caillich (the mountain of the old woman. West from Kylerhea. 771229[F, OS]

Beinn na Caorach (the mountain of the sheep) 587029 [CM] MAP.8.68

Beinn na Seomara Iain McInnes’ pronunciation of Beinn na Seamraig (the mountain of the shamrock) 729178 [F, CM] MAP.2.3

Beriag (precipice bay) berg-vik [F]

Beul Atha Garbh (ford mouth of the rough place) On the Ord river. [F]

Beul Atha Maighstir Nèill (ford mouth of Mr Neil) It is not certain who Maighstir Neill was. He could have been Neil Mackinnon, a 17th century minister. Near Ord & Tockavaig [F]

Beul na Garbh (the mouth of or opening into the rough place) or Beulach Garbh. 613121 [F, CM] MAP.3.28

Beulach a’ Bhuiridh comes from Beulach nam Mairibh (the pass of the dead) This was a resting place for coffins. 609012 [CM] MAP.9.49

Beulach Ruadh (the red pass) 696183 [CM] MAP.1.25

Beulaid 575008 [CM] MAP.8.48

Biod a’ Chait (Point of the Cat) 666087 [F, CM] MAP.7.3

Biod a’ Chlamhain (the point of the buzzard) 666082 [F, CM] MAP.7.62

Na Biodagan (the points or pinnacles) Sharp, jagged reef running out from Port na Clacha Mòra, below Kilmore. 659068 [F]

Blàr a’ Bhainne (the field of the milk) 667083 [CM] MAP.7.5

Am Blàr Buidhe (the yellow field) 588104 [F,CM] MAP.5.53

Blàr a’ Chnuic (the field of the rock) 665081 [CM] MAP.7.63

Blàr na Dìge (the field of the ditch) Armadale (seen this on something)[F]

Am Blàr Dubh (the black field) Am Blàr (the field), Am Blàrach Rogach, Fhrogach (the field or plain with holes, dens, or marshy) All near or at Tarskavaig [F]

Bogha a’ Chlèirich (the bend of the cleric) 655067 [CM] MAP.7.88

Bogha Biodag see Sgeir Biodaig OS 571084. 570084 [F, CM] MAP.5.122

Bogha Chairstich, Chairslice, Chaislic (the bend of the ford stepping stones; cas leac, caisleac, a stream where the land juts out) Near Tormore. See OS 634028[F]

Bogha Darach (the oak tree bend or promontory) At Tarskavaig. See OS 374104.[F]

Bogha Feadain 599004 [CM] MAP.8.9

Am Bràigh Ard (the high brae) 595101 [CM] MAP.5.68

Bràigh an Uird (the top part of Ord) 683123 [CM] MAP.4.77

Bruach an Fhaine (the bank of the look-out) 697117 [PNP] MAP.4.98.

Bruach an Fheadan, Fheadain (the bank of the chanter, spout) Tarskavaig. [F]

Bruach Ard Chulainn (the high bank of holly) 703141 [CM] MAP.4.12.

Bruach Dhruim Dìomhain (the bank of the idle back); also called Bruach Sheumais (Seumas’s brae) He was a fiddler who was around in the 1920s. 587091 [CM] MAP.5.89

Bruach Mòr (the big bank) 569005 [CM] MAP.8.56

Am Bruach Mòr (the big bank) 698127 [CM] MAP.4.57.

Bruach Mòr na Cille Bige (the brae of the small church) 653063 [CM] MAP.7.94

Bruach na Seannanis (the brae of the old wood) 596113 [CM] MAP.5.74

Bruach Sheumais (Seumas’s brae) He was a fiddler who was around in the 1920s. Bruach Dhruim Dìomhain (the bank of the idle back) 587091 [F, CM] MAP.5.89

Bruaich (the bank) Gasgan. [F]

Bruaich Loch Dhugaill (the banks of Loch Dugald) [F]

Bruaich Ruaidh Cheannloch (The red braes of Kinloch) Kinloch. [F]

A’ Bhruaich (the brae) Near Tarskavaig [F]

Bruich Sàibhear ‘ic Mhaoilein "This MacMillan had horses and carts. They could get a breather here on the flat piece of ground before continuing up the sloc". 599081 [CM] MAP.5.131

Bruthach America. Ord 619129 [F, CM] MAP.3.4

Bruthach an Eas (the waterfall precipice) [F]

Bruthach nam Broc (the brae of the badger) [F]

Bruthaichean Breaca (the speckled braes) [F]

Buail a’ Eas (the milking place of the waterfall) 591102 [F, CM] MAP.5.49

A’ Bhuaile Bhàn (the fair milking place) 593101 [CM] MAP.5.70

A’ Bhuaile Bhuidhe (the yellow fold) 678138 [F, CM] MAP.4.21.

A’ Bhuille Bhuidhe (the yellow fold) 667142 [CM] MAP.4.18.

Buaile Bhuidhe (the yellow fold) 633056 [F,CM] MAP.6.32

A’ Bhuaile Chauinneach [PNP] MAP.4.100

Buaile Ceit Nèill (Kate Neal’s fold) 629033 [CM] MAP.9.38

Buaile Dhubh (the black fold) 701123 [PNP] MAP.4.51.

Bhuaile a’ Chlachach (rocky milking place) 584104 [CM]

A’ Bhuaile Mhòr (the big milking place) 584102 [CM] MAP.5.29

A’ Bhuaile Raineach (the bracken fold) It was always green. 697133 [CM] MAP.4.28.

A’ Bhuaile Thobhair (the bleaching fold) There would have been houses here at one time. 697133 [CM] MAP.4.27

Buaile nam Muc (the fold of the pigs) 631036 [CM] MAP.9.36

Buaile Thuirn (the fold of the wheat - field) Above Ostaig Square [F]

A’ Bhualla Mhòr (the big hollow/park) 597006 [CM] MAP.8.7


Buchailleach 601006 [CM] MAP.9.52

Budha an t-Sabhail (the green of the barn) 590087 [CM] MAP.5.100

Budha Beag (the green spot, the little green spot) by side of a stream 592086 [F, CM] MAP.5.101

Budha, Bugha Dubh (the black, or dark bend of land) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Budha, Bugha ‘n Fheòir (the grassy green) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Budha, Bugha nam Ban (the women’s green) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Budha, Bugha Ni’ Lachlain (Lachlan’s daughter’s green, windings of a stream) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Na Bughannan 588101 [F, CM] MAP.5.47

Bunastabhaig (Might be derived from bun a stamh – the port of the sea tangle). A field near Ostaig. [F]