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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Lag nan Croisean (the hollow of the crosses) 656068 [F, CM] MAP.7.86

Lag a’ Bholla (the hollow of the boll -a boll was a measure of corn weighing 2.25 cwt or 112 pounds) 664091 [CM] MAP.7.47

Lag a’ Bhraghad (the hollow of the upland) [F]

Lag a’ Bhrat (the hollow of the banner/flag?) - “between us (Stonefield) and Tarsgabhaig, behind Cnoc Monadh”. [CM] MAP.5.90

Lag a’ Chraidh (the hollow of pain or anguish) Upper Ostaig. [F]

Lag a’ Gharaidh Chail (the hollow of the kale garden) [F]

Lag a’ Phuill Bhrachaidh (the hollow of the malting-pool or pit; it might also mean fermenting or rotting, a stagnant pool) [F]

Lag an Corraig (the hollow of the finger) 697116 [PNP] MAP.4.99.

Lag an Doil (the hollow of the deaf) 605012 [CM] MAP.9.51

Lag an Eas Bhàin/an Easan Bana (the hollow of the white waterfall/ the white waterfalls) 590102 [CM] MAP.5.52

Lag an Lochan (the hollow of the small loch) 592096 [F, CM] MAP.5.54

Lag an Taigh Osda (the hollow of the drinking place) There was a bothan or drinking place here at one time; it would be used after funerals 657068 [CM] MAP.7.87

Lag an Tobair (the hollow of the well) 660096 [CM] MAP.7.46

Lag an Tòrr(a) Mhòr (Tormore hollow) In a field here. [F]

Lag an t-Saighdeir (the hollow of the soldier) 629030 [CM]MAP.9.19

Lag Buidhe Beag (the little yellow hollow) about 598093 [CM] MAP.5.133

Lag Buidhe Mòr (the big yellow hollow) about 598093 CM]MAP.5.133

Lag Dhubh (the black hollow) 619035 [CM] MAP.9.29

Lag Mòr (the big hollow) 659074 [F, CM] MAP.7.77

Lag na Culeag (the hollow of the fly) 589096 [CM] MAP.5.16

Lag na h-Airidh Bàine (the hollow of the fair sheiling) [F]

Lag nam Boitean, a’ Bhoitean (the hollow of the straw or hay bundles or bundle) [F]

Lag nam Bùthan (the hollow of the shops/tents?) 586102 [CM] MAP.5.46

Lag nan Cèard (the hollow of the tinkers) They would come every year, Stewarts and MacDonalds. 691122 [CM] MAP.4.68.

Lag Rainich (fern hollow) [F]

Lag na Dòrnag, Glaic na Dòrnag (the hollow of the small stones) 588103 [CM] MAP.5.57

Na Lagan Uinnseann (the ash-tree hollows) 701149. There are two - see also Kinloch map. [CM] MAP.4.06.

Lamaraig (Norse: key/port) 572992 [CM] MAP.8.53

Lapach na Faileag (the swamp of the blood?) They would bleed deer here the blood being used for maragan (black pudding). 566014 [CM] MAP.8.60

Na Lapaileach A flat place, swampy with peat bogs. 617039 [CM] MAP.9.39

Laplach, Lapach, Labach (bog or swamp) In the moor above Kilmore. [F]

Larach a’ Chapail Bhàin (the site of the white horse) 586006 [CM] MAP.8.34

Làrach Airigh Phàdraig (the site of Patrick’s sheiling) [F]

Larach an Fhuamhaire (the giant’s footprint) 200yrds from Taigh an Tairbh [CM] MAP.5.98

Làrach an t-Seann Taigh Sgoile (the site of the old school house) The school was closed in 1984. when the new school at Kilbeg was opened. 662078 [CM] MAP.7.72

Larach Taigh Mhurachaidh (the site of Murdos’ house) 583097 [CM] MAP.5.7

Làrach Taigh Nèill Ghriasaich (the site of Neil the shoemaker’s house) He built a house on the glebe at Kilmore.[F]

Leac a’ Mhona’ Mheadhonach or Clach Mhòr na Leacan (the slope of the Mid Mountains, or the great stone of the broad slope or steep shelving ground) [F]

Leac an Rubh’ (the flat rock of the point) people fish from here 577095 [CM] MAP.5.3

Leac na Meadeadh 606089 [CM] MAP.6.9

Leacan A path that the people used to take to go to church. 668135 [CM] MAP.4.19.

An Leacainn 588096 [CM] MAP.5.17

Leacann Riabhach, Leac na Mòine (the russet slope, the slope of the peat-moss) Both near Tarskavaig. [F]

Lean a’ Gharraidh (the lint cutting or spot of land: Forbes) This township was cleared in 1820 and the families dispersed round Skye. One family went to Torrin, others to Achnalcloich, Calgarry and the Moll. 619059 [F, CM]. MAP.6.30

Leapaidh MhicAilein (MacAlan’s bed) 630028 [CM] MAP.9.4

Lehener (half confluence - leth inbhir) [F]

Leideag, Leadag, Leadaid Liath Liath Leathad (grey slope, broad stretch of hillside - grey) a natural wood here). 675095.[F, Stobie, CM] MAP.7.35

An Lèine Bhàn (the white shirt) 688129 [CM] MAP.4.73.

Lèir Mhaodail, Maodal (muddy place) Between Camus Daraich and Port na Long, Point of Sleat. 573993 [F. OS]

Leitir Chaillich (the nun’s penny-land / the nun’s halfland, a piece of land set apart for an institution of nuns: Forbes) Everything between Drochaid Lon Chre and Duisdale. 701153 / 703145 [F, CM] MAP.4.07.

Leitir Fura A large oak tree grew here called Fura Mhòr plus a smaller one called Fura Bheag, hence the name Leitir Fura. 732158 [CM] MAP.2.2

Leth Allt (the half burn) 583011 [CM] MAP.8.36

Leum an Earbag (the jump of the little roe) Kinloch [F]

Linne na Dunach, Linne na Dunaidh (the pool of sorrow: Forbes) Linne Mo Dhunach the pool is reputed to have no bottom. According to Forbes several young girls took refuge in a tree overhanging the pool which was cut down by a madman who had chased and attacked them. 654068 [F, CM] MAP.7.97

Linne nan Ceann (the linn of the heads) The heads of seven score MacIntyres were cast here by the MacLeods after a fight near the parish church at Kilmore. [F]

Linne nan Each (the pool of the horses) on Allt (a) Fiodhach, in the high park, where the minister’s horses were watered. Approx 654069 [F]

Loch a’ Bhràigh Ard (the loch of the high slope) 597103 [F, CM] MAP.5.56

Loch a’ Ghlinne (the loch of the glen). 596055 [F, OS]

Loch a’ Mhart (the loch of the cow) 597035 [CM] MAP.8.70

Loch a’ Mhuilinn (the loch of the mill) Near Ostaig. [F]

Loch am Preasadh (the loch of the treasure) A pot of gold was thrown in here by a man who was being chased. 612070 [CM] MAP.6.27

Loch an Dàil, Loch na Dàlach (the loch of the delay) Ships would wait here till the tide was right to go into Harbour at Isle Ornsay or north through the Kyle. 705151 [CM] MAP.2.1

Loch an Dòbhrain (the loch of the otter) 682093 [CM] MAP.7.33

Loch an Doirreanaich, Loch na Doireanaich (from Loch Doir’ an Eich - the loch of the grove of the horse) A water-horse would sometimes appear in the form of an old hag (cruth caillich) and go to the girls in the sheiling in Glen Sasaig, on one occasion destroying all but one. She raised the alarm and the men of the district destroyed it The place they buried it was still pointed out inthe early 20th century, according to Forbes. 637108 [F, OS]

Loch an Iasgaich (the loch of the fishing) 673143 [F, CM, OS] MAP.4.15.

Loch an Ime (the loch of the butter) 678103 [CM, OS] MAP.4.117

Loch an Ime (the loch of the butter) a man cutting peat came on a store of butter - despite the time that it had been buried it was still fresh. 602095 [CM] MAP.6.1

Loch Ard (the high loch) 641091 [CM] MAP.6.22

Loch Aruisgh, Aruisg, Ar-Uisg (the water field loch) See Araisg. 575008[F, OS]

Loch Bharabhaig (Baravaig Loch) 684098 [CM] MAP.7.34

Loch Dhùghaill (Dougal’s loch) 613082 [F, CM] MAP.6.18

Loch Doire nan Gat (the loch of the grove of the withies) Loch Doire nan Cat (the loch of the grove of the cats) 654112 [CM, OS] MAP.4.113

Loch Eiseord, Eiseort, Aibhseord (the loch of the ice bay or firth, fiord, fjord) OS 600142[F]

Loch Ghausgabhaig/ Ausgabhaig (East bay loch: Forbes) 592107 [CM] MAP.5.59

Loch Horabhaig, Thorbhaig. Place by name of Orabaig was said to be at Point of Sleat. OS 577616[F]

Loch ‘ic Iain (Iain’s son’s loch) 602071 [CM] MAP.6.25

Loch Lamarscaig OS 581036[F]

Loch Maodail, Meadal (the narrow dale loch - mjo dal) See Allt Mhaodail. OS[F]

Loch Mhic ‘Ille Mhìcheil (the son of the servant of Michaels’ Loch) Loch Gille Mhìcheil (Carmicheal’s loch) Loch an Uisge (the loch of the water) This loch is used as a reservoir. 645098 [F, CM] MAP.6.23

Loch na Bèist (the loch of the beast) Near Carn na Bèiste in the Mona’ Meadhonach where a beast or monster slain. OS 783252[F]

Loch na Dalach (the loch of the delay) Not Loch na Dal. 707149 [CM] MAP.4.05.

Loch na Dubhach (something to do with dark or darkness - the loch of darkness?) 574022 [CM] MAP.8.74

Loch na Lèabaig (the loch of the flounder) 635030 [CM] MAP.9.2

Loch na Prais (the loch of the brass or cast-iron pot) [F]

Loch na Tuime, Loch Thuimhe, Taoime (the loch of the torrent or overflow) In Monadh Meadhonach. OS 625096[F]

Loch nam Breacan Dubha (the loch of the black trout) 632089 [CM] MAP.6.20

Loch nan Adhaircean, na h-Adhaircean (the loch of the horns) [F]

Loch nan Eilean (the loch of the islands) [F]

Loch nan Uairichean/Dùraichean (loch of the spirits eg water horse: Jessie Robertson. The loch of the dark braes: Forbes) This loch was dragged to find the water horse that was believed to inhabit the loch. However when the net caught on something the men holding it apparently took to their heels. 676105 [CM, F, OS]) MAP.4.118

Loch nan Uamha (the loch of the caves) 634084 [F, CM] MAP.6.21

Loch Nighean Fhionnlaigh (Findlay’s daughter’s loch) Findlay drowned his daughter here when she got pregnant. 583066 [F, CM] MAP.5.123

Loch Sgùrr nan Caorach (the loch of the hill of the sheep) Three miles SSE of Tarskavaig. 588033 [F, OS]

Loch Tiugh (thick loch) Above Achnacloich. [F]

Loch, Lochan an Iasgaich (the loch or the little loch of the fishing) Tarskavaig. 67343[F, OS]

Lochan Fada, Na Lochan Fada (the long lochs or the little long loch) OS 658133 and OS 588027[F, OS]

Lochan na Bò Ruaidhe (the small loch of the red cow) 613099 [F, CM] MAP.6.5

Lochan na Cloiche (the small loch of the stone) 617094 [CM] MAP.6.6

Lochan na Poite (the loch of the pot - of gold) See Loch am Preasadh. [F]

Lod Mòr (the big marsh) 633031 [CM] MAP.9.7

An Lòn (the meadow) [CM] MAP.6.15

Lòn a’ Bhràigh’ (the meadow of the upper part) 685117 [CM] MAP.4.112

Lòn a’ Chaora Bhàin (the meadow of the white sheep) 686152 [CM] MAP.1.18

Lòn a’ Choille Bhàin (the meadow of the fair wood) 677155 [CM] MAP.1.6

Lon a’ Ghearmailt (the meadow of the?) 588016 [CM] MAP.8.43

Lòn Airigh na Bèiste (marsh of the sheiling of the beast) See Loch na Bèiste. [F]

Lòn Airigh na Sligean, Sligeachan (shell burn sheiling) Near Tarskavaig. Raised beaches here - hence shells. [F]

Lòn an Alltan Beithe (the meadow of the birch streamlet) 587084 [CM] MAP.5.109An Lòn Bàn (the white meadow) 609095 [CM] MAP.6.4

Lon Bàn (the fair meadow) 588107 [CM] MAP.5.60

Lòn Crinneach (crinneach - grass that is never green) 686171 [CM] MAP.1.13

Lòn Gibeach 602083 [CM] MAP.6.12

Lòn MhicCoinnich (Mackenzie’s meadow) 665143 [CM] MAP.4.17.

Lòn Mòr (the great meadow) Between the parish church and glebe, scene of Blàr na Cille, a burn runs close by.[F]

Lòn na Craoibhe (the meadow, marsh or burn of the tree) Boggy meadow near Knock. [F]

Lon na Cuile [PNP] MAP.4.102

Lòn na h-Airde Caoile (meadow of the narrow or sharp height) Ostaig, between public road and sea. [F]

Lòn na Ruidhe, Righe Mòr (great sheiling burn) [F]

Lòn nan Earbag (the meadow of the young roe) Teangue. [F]

Lòn Preasan 667146 [CM] MAP.4.16.

An Lot Dubh (the black croft) 589011 [CM] MAP.8.38

Lùbadh Mhòr (the big bend) This part of the river floods in heavy rain. 684163 [CM] MAP.1.2