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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Pàirc an Ruadha (the park of the promontory) 580100 [CM] MAP.5.31

Na Pìosan (the plots) 597008 [CM] MAP.8.14

Poit Bheag (the small pot) Above this point there is a small hole in a rock. 704133 [CM] MAP.4.31.

Am Poll 584096 [F, CM] MAP.5.13

Poll a’ Mhonadh, Mhonaidh Mhòr (the pool of the moor\hill, great hills) [F]

Poll Phàdraig (Patrick’s pool) [F]

Port a Stac Leutheir Bhaoideil (port of the stack or rock both strong and safe) See Leir Mhaodail. [F]

Port Aird, Ard ‘Ic Illicean. Seldom used as a port. There is a small cave used by bathers. On the Glebe.[F]

Port an Eathair, Eathrach (the boat harbour). A t Sasaig [F]

Port an Fhìona (the port of the wine) 62702 [F, CM] MAP.9.23

Port an Taigh Còinneach (the port of the mossy house) 639042 [CM] MAP.9.14

Port an Taigh Mhòir (the port of the great house) It is thought the house in question was the one at Armadale before the Castle was built. Between Ostaig and Armadale.[F]

Port Aslaig (Aslag harbour) Between Kylerhea and Isle Ornsay. OS 771179[F]

Port Bàn (the fair port) 579086 [F, CM] MAP.5.114

Port Bàn (the fair port) 581999 [CM] MAP.8.32

Am Port Cam (the curved port) 692093 [CM] MAP.7.30

Port Cùl, Cùil (the back, recess, or corner port; Port a’ Chùil) At Ard Thuirinish, Aird. OS 598003[F]

Port Farala ? Pharallie, Sgeir Farala (Farala’s harbour and skerry) Named after a young nurse who lost her infant charge on a rock or island here, thereafter called Eilean Naoighean (the infant’s isle). [F]

Port Mealaraidh (the sand hills’ sheiling port; melr + airigh) 752164 [F]

Port Mòr (the big port) 637033 [CM] MAP.9.8

Port na /Gul/ (the port of quarrelling) 707121 [CM] MAP.4.43.

Port na Caileadh (the port of the boat; caileadh - a type of boat) 699110 [CM] MAP.4.86.

Port na Clacha(an) Mòr(a) (the port of the large stones) Forming part of a boundary dyke carried into the sea. See Na Biodagan.[F]

Port na Crìche/nan Crìochan (the port of the boundary/boundaries) 659069 [CM] MAP.7.84

Port na Daile Bige (the little meadow port) Kilbeg. [F]

Port na Fàganach (the port of the left or forsaken ones) Three big stones near here are supposed to have been thrown over from Knoydart by giants. Another story is that they are pagans turned into stones. 667081 [F, CM] MAP.7.67

Port na Làire, Làrach, Sgeir (the port of the skerry of the mare) Kilbeg. [F]

Port na Long, nan Long (the harbour of the ships) At one time this was the chief anchorage for this part of Sleat. One of the last ships anchoring here was an emigrant ship. A centenarian, recorded by Forbes in 1901, remembered the emigrants’ unwillingness to leave - they fell down and kissed the ground as a last farewell. Aird. 592003 [F, OS]

Port na Sgliat (the port of the slate) [F]

Port na Staca (the port of the stac) 588001 [CM] MAP.8.29

Port nan Cuileag (the port of the flies) 666085 [F, CM] MAP.7.4

Port Ni’ Chaluim (Malcolm’s daughter’s harbour) Off Ostaig. [F]

Na Preasan (the small bushes) 594007 [CM] MAP.8.17