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Placenames in Sleat: introduction
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Dail a’ Chait (dale of the wild cat) [F]

Dail Chàil, An Dail Chàil (cabbage dale or field) [F]

Dàil Ma Ruairidh (Ruairidh’s daughter’s dale) 613031 [CM] MAP.9.63

Dail Mhòr, An Dail Mhòr (the big field) Gillen. [F]

An Dal 593116 [CM] MAP.5.75

Dal a’ Bhile, Dalavil, Dalviell, Dalville (locally explained as Dail a’ Bhile or copse-dale), Dalabhil a’ Mhaoraich (Dalvil of the shellfish). 582055 [F, CM, OS] MAP.5.124

Dal Bhàite (water-logged field) 673088 [F, CM] MAP.7.20

Dalan Beaga (the little fields), Dail Bheag (the little field) On Ostaig farm. 656065 [F, CM] MAP.7.91

Dalreoch, Dail Riabhach (russet dale) Caligarry. [F]

An Dòbhran (the otter) There are two of these skerries which can be seen at low tide. 705125 706124 [CM] MAP.4.41.

Doir’ an Trodain (the grove of quarrelling) Doir’ an Druidean or Druidein (the grove of starlings or thrushes) Tarskavaig. [F]

An Doireannach - a name for the Point of Sleat, perhaps it comes from Dearaneach - the ending. 563991 [F, CM] MAP.8.54

Doire Ghoan, Ghoain (Goan’s grove) Goan was supposedly a local Druid. Dr Keith Norman MacDonald of Ord suggested the name was in fact Choan. See Teampall Choan, Ord, 617133. [F]

Doire na Feannaig (raven grove) 625124 [F, OS]

Doire nan Gad (the withies’ copse) Tongue. [F]

Doire Shòlais (the grove of delight). Forbes places this on Ostaig farm, opposite Linne na Dunach It was on the part of Ostaig farm that was originally Kilbeg [F]

An Dornaidh (the narrow channel) 706122 [F, CM, OS] MAP.4.42.

An Dorneil or Doirling (the isthmus) Sometimes called An Dubh Chladach (the black shore), Rolaig Roid or An Tiùrr. There is a local superstition that below this is a safe haven against the pursuit of evil spirits. At Isle Ornsay. [F]

Draoireag (May mean little thorny field?) A small field at or near Creag a’ Chaim. [F]

Drochaid a’ Chnuic (the bridge of the hill) Drochaid Nèill a’ Mhuilleir (Neil the miller’s bridge) 668089 [CM] MAP.7.12

Drochaid a’ Ghasgain (Gasgan bridge) [F]

Drochaid a’ Mhansa (the bridge of the Manse) Drochaid Allt Fiodhaich (the bridge of the wooded burn) 656066 [CM] MAP.7.89

Drochaid a’ Mhuilinn (the bridge of the mill) There was a mill here at one time. 644056 [CM] MAP.6.34

Drochaid Ailein (Alans’ bridge) this bridge can’t be seen from the road 663081 [CM] MAP.7.60

Drochaid Alasdair Fhriseil (Alastair Frazer’s bridge) 692125 [CM] MAP.4.69.

Drochaid Allt an Easan (the bridge of the burn of the waterfalls) Drochaid Màiri a Chaluim (Maire Calum’s bridge) 666086 [CM] MAP.7.61

Drochaid Bhriste (the broken bridge) 607012 [CM] MAP.9 50

An Drochaid Chrotach (the humped bridge) Drochaid Bhochain (Bochan’s bridge) Bochan (Iain MacInnes) lived near here. 700124 [CM] MAP.4.49.

Drochaid Geada Lìn (the bridge of the arable piece of land where flax was grown) Drochaid Allt Dhonnchaidh (the bridge of Duncan’s burn) 667088 [CM] MAP.7.7

Drochaid ‘ian Chlachair (Iain the stonemason’s bridge) 659075 [CM] MAP.7.75

Drochaid Lòn Crè (the clay meadow bridge) 692169 [CM] MAP.1.14

Drochaid Mhòr Leth Shìthean (the big bridge of the half-hillock) Also given as Drochaid Mhòr Leitir Shìthean (the big bridge of the hillock slope). Near Isle Ornsay. [F]

Drochaid na h-Airde Caoile (the bridge of the narrow height or pass) Near Armadale. [F]

Drochaid nan Sìtheanan (the bridge of the fairies) 673102 [CM] MAP.4.125

Drochaidh Airigh na Saorach 682160 [CM, OS] MAP.1.1

Droighneach, An, Iochdar na Droighnich (the thorny or brambly place, the lowest part of the thorny place) A field at Armadale. [F]

Druim an t-Seana Bhaile (the ridge of the old town) Ostaig. [F]

Druim an Uilliadh 689124 [CM] MAP.4.75.

Druim an Uird (Ord ridge) 619134 [F, CM] MAP.3.8

Druim as Aird’ (the highest ridge) Druim na Sgàird (the ridge of the skree) 597006 [CM] MAP.8.11

Druim Bàn (the fair ridge) 704117 [CM, OS] MAP.4.82.

Druim Cruaidh, An (the hard ridge) Tarskavaig. [F]

Druim Dhuisdail (Duisdale’s ridge) 702131 [CM] MAP.4.38

An Druim Dìomhain (the useless or waste ridge, locally known as the idle back) 588094 [F, CM] MAP.5.88

An Druim Dubh (the black ridge) There is more than one place named this. One is at 627031 MAP.9.21, the other at 601124 MAP.3.40. [CM]

Druim Fheàrna (alder ridge - would have been an alder wood here at one time) 674156 [F, CM] MAP.1.2

Druim Fionn (the white, fair or pleasant ridge) Tarskavaig. [F]

Druim nan Gobhar (the ridge of the goats) Tarskavaig. [F]

Druman Bhuidhe the young people used to gather here 658073 [CM] MAP.7.78

Duisdail (The misty or gloomy dale or glen) Duisdale Beag 696124 Duisdale mòr 700135 [F, OS]

An Dùn (the fort) An Dùnan (the small fort) 666079 [CM] MAP.7.66

Dùn a’ Chlerich, (the hill of the cleric) or Cheilirich (the musical hillock) 606010 [F, OS]

Dùn Bàn (the fair fort) 572059 [F, CM, Stobie] MAP.5.132

Dùn Charadail (Caradale’s fort) or Dùn Geilbht, 568048 [F, CM, OS] MAP.8.77

Dùn Ela 647057 [CM, OS] MAP.6.35

Dùn Fhàirce (lookout fort) Dùn Phàdraig (Padricks’ Fort) 661069 [F, CM, OS] MAP.7.83

Dùn Flo (the fort of slumber, or Flora’s fort) Dùn Chlò. In 1690, some of King William’s men landed and burnt certain houses until the Sleat men attacked and killed them - they were buried here at Tormore. 617015 [F, OS]

Dùn Gan [F]

Dùn Geilbht see Dùn Charadail

Dùn Leith, Leath (half fort or possibly grey fort) Sasaig. [F]

Dùn Mhic Mhàrtainn [PNP], Dùn Mhàrtainn [CM] (Martin’s fort) 698115. There was a cross here and that is how the bay became known as Camus Cros. MAP.4.92.

Dùn nan Cèard (the fortress of the tinkers) They used to camp here. 635036 [F, CM, Stobie] MAP.9.10

Dùn nan Eun (the fort of the birds) 583097 [CM] MAP.5.45

Dùn Ruaige, Dùn na Ruaige, Dunan Ruadh [on OS] (the fort of the chase or hunt) The ruins are a mile south of Kylerhea 785192 [F, OS]

Dùn Sgàthaich (Sgàthaich’s Fort) Scaich Cu Chulainn is reputed to have received battle training here from Sgàthaich - a warrior queen. 595121 [F, CM, OS] MAP.5.85

Dùnan nan Ceann (the small fort of the heads) the heads were taken here from Cnoc na Cnochadh where they used to hang people 659069 [CM] MAP.7.85

Dunan Ruadh (the red hillock or fort) 785191 [F, OS]