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Sàibhear ‘ic Mhaoilein, Bruich Sàibhear ‘ic Mhaoilein This MacMillan had horses and carts. They could get a breather here on the flat piece of ground before continuing up the sloc. 599081 [CM] MAP.5.131

Na Saoirichean 578087 [CM] MAP.5.115

An t-Saothair (the false land or promontory) Covered by sea at high tide, between Eilean Tioram and the mainland. Two rocks near Ostaig have this name. [F]

Sasaig (South Bay: Forbes), 662085 [F, CM, OS] MAP.7.

Scorach, Sgorach Breac (the speackled, jagged one) Hill near Ord, 977ft, between Isle Ornsay and head of Outer Loch Eisheort; also known as Sgùrr Breac. OS 652132[F]

An t-Seann Aiteach (the old piece of arable land) An old piece of the township 693161 [CM] MAP.1.16

An t-Seann Innis (the old wood) 588111 [CM, Stobie] MAP.5.64

Sgeir a’ Chairidh (the skerry of the fishtrap) Caraidh: a dyke built up to trap fish. 699115 [CM] MAP.4.95.

Sgeir a’ Chaisteil (the skerry of the castel) 671086 [CM] MAP.7.18

Sgeir a’ Cheannaiche (the merchant or the packman’s rock) Here, it is believed, the packman met his death. Possibly the same place as Staidhir a’ Cheannaiche (the stairs of the trader) - if so, at 586089. [F]

Sgeir a’ Chlachaig (the skerry of the village) 698115 [CM] MAP.4.90.

Sgeir a’ Chleabhain 704131 [CM] MAP.4.35

Sgeir a’ Chlèibh (the skerry of the creel) 594115 [CM] MAP.5.79 Sgeir a’ Chreamaidh, Sgeir a’ Chriomaidh (the crumbling rock) Near Tarskavaig. 594115 [F, CM] MAP.5.78

Sgeir an Eoin (the skerry of the bird) 579095 [CM] MAP.5.4

Sgeir an Fhaing Mhòir (the skerry of the big fang) 708116 [CM] MAP.4.80.

Sgeir an Iubhar, Ionbhair (the confluence rock or skerry) At Tarskavaig. [F]

Sgeir an Ròin (the rock of the seal) At Isle Ornsay [F]

Sgeir an Tobair (the skerry of the well) a series of rocks running out here rather than a skerry. Possibly off the Glebe at Kilmore as Forbes references it to Port Ard ‘Ic Illicean. [F]

Sgeir an t-Saothair Mhòr agus Bhig (the big false land skerry, the small false land skerry) Near Armadale and Ostaig. See An t-Saothair. [F]

Sgeir an t-Seana Chreag (the skerry of the old rock) Thought to be at Aird, a relic of a volcano. [F]

Sgeir Balag, Sgeir Barlaig (not known) May be proper name. Barlag means a ragged, tattered man, while bar is an obsolete word for the sea. 581096 [F, CM] MAP.5.5

Sgeir Bhanntrach Thearlaich (Charlie’s widow’s skerry) 699115 [CM] MAP.4.94.

Sgeir Bheag a’ Phuirt (the little skerry of the port) Below the Glebe at Kilmore. [F]

Sgeir Bheag Eoghain (Ewen’s little skerry) Also Sgeirean buidhe (the yellow skerries).574086 [F, CM] MAP.5.120

Sgeir Bhebhearlaidh (Beverley’s rock) Between Sgeir Bheag a’ Phuirt and Port na Clacha Mòra. James Beverley was the schoolmaster of Sleat in the early 1800s [he witnessed a deed in 1803. Ref: Scottish Record Office Deeds RD2/287/ff484+) [F]

Sgeir Biodaig, nam Biodag (the skerry of the sharp point, or points, dagger skerry) Bogha Biodag OS 571084. 570084 [F, CM] MAP.5.122

Sgeir Cadha na Monadh (the skerry of the pass of the moor) 579105 [CM] MAP.5.42

Sgeir Chaluim Cille (Columba’s skerry) Somewhere down below Kilmore graveyard - no-one could place it exactly. [F, CM]. MAP.7.107

Sgeir Charraig (the rock skerry) 573086 [CM] MAP.5.119

Sgeir Chòmhnard (the flat skerry) 574087 [CM] MAP.5.118

Sgeir Chubhaidh (the seemly, fit, suitable rock) Thought misprint of culaidh (a boat) [F]

Sgeir Chùl Taigh Sheamais (skerry at the back of Seumas’ House) 582097 [CM] MAP.5.6

Sgeir Fhada (the long skerry) 571085 [CM] MAP.5.121

Sgeir Fhada Shàsaig (the long skerry of Sasaig) 667082 [CM] MAP.7.64

Sgeir Ghòbhlach (the forked skerrie? gòbhlach: forked, pronged - Dwelly) 715147 [F, CM, OS] MAP.4.01.

Sgeir Liath (the grey skerry) Sgeir Iain Leithe (white haired Iain’s rock) The latter name obtained in Forbes 666078 [CM] MAP.7.58

Sgeir Màiri (Mary’s skerry) 669161 [CM] MAP.1.9

Sgeir Mhic Uidsean (Hugh’s son’s skerry) [F]

Sgeir Mhòr (the big skerry) 577089 [CM] MAP.5.117

Sgeir Mhòr (the big skerry) 669087 [CM] MAP.7.1

Sgeir Mhòr Ghormoil, Ghormuil (the great rock or the rock of Gormul) Supposedly named after Gorm-shuil (blue eyes) who was a maid of the Feinne. But there is a place in Scandinavia called Gormal. Loch Eisheort, near Ord. 635155.[F, OS]

Sgeir na Ceàrtaich (the skerry of the smithy) 703109 [CM] MAP.4.114

Sgeir na Cioraig, Sgeir Cioraig (the rock of the pet lamb - ciora) Might be a proper name or a pet name. The split rock called the Misgan is here. [F]

Sgeir na Costri, Comh Strì (the skerry of the struggle) from the opposing current of Allt (a) Fiodhach which flows into sea here. [F]

Sgeir na Crìche (the rock of the boundary) See Port na Clacha Mòra and Na Biodagan.[F]

Sgeir na h-Otrach (the dunghill or refuse rock) At Kilbeg. Refuse from Ostaig farm is said to be the origin of this name; thought more likely to be derived from oitreach, a shallow, sandy part of the seashore, which applies here [F]

Sgeir na Leum (the rock of the leap) At Tarskavaig. [F]

Sgeir na Luirginn (the rock or skerry of the ascent or ridge - lurg, lurgann) [F]

Sgeir nam Bodach (the skerry of the rock cod) Eilean Sgòrach (the rocky island) 639032 [F, CM] MAP.9.11

Sgeir nam Fiadh, Sgeir an Fhèidh (the skerry of the deer) OS 611133[F]

Sgeir nan Caoraich (the skerry of the sheep) 699112? [CM] MAP.4.89.

Sgeir nan Gillean (the skerry of the boys) 700115 [CM] MAP.4.85

Sgeir nan Gillean (the skerry of the boys) 706115 [CM] MAP.4.81.

Sgeir nan Gobhar (the skerry of the goat) 584094 [CM] MAP.5.12

Sgeir nan Gobhar (the skerry of the goat) An old man, Niall mac Dho’ill ‘ic Eoghainn used this as a fishing rock. Possibly at 715147 [F, OS]

Sgeir Odhar (the dun or grey rock) Tarskavaig. [F]

Sgeir Pharallie, Farala. See Port Farala. [F]

Sgeir Ramasaig (Ramasaig - ravens’ bay: Forbes) the stones of a pier are still to be seen here 666079 [F, CM] MAP.7.65

Sgeir Ròin (seals’ skerry) 679084 [CM] MAP.7.23

Sgeir Sgraab, Sgriab (the skerry of the sea fowl - shear-water, razorbill, etc) Off Dùn Ila, ie near OS 646057[F]

Sgeir Shìne (Jane’s rock or skerry) Jane Macpherson, Ostaig. [F]

Sgeir Una (Una’s rock) [F]

Sgeir na Sgadain, Eilean na Sgadain (the skerry/the island of the herring) 699111? [CM] MAP.4.85.

Na Sgeirean Dubha (the black skerries) 699115 [CM] MAP.4.93.

Sgoil na Ledies (the Ladies school) this was before education was available to all 667089 [CM] MAP.7. 9

Sgòr\Sgùrr a’ Ghobhainn (the rock of the smith) Here a continuous range of houses was built, nicknamed "The Exhibition". Kilbeg - 655064 [F, CM] MAP.7.93

Sgòrr, Sgòr, An (the precipice rock) Off Kilbeg.[F]

Sgùlan, An (the basket or creel) Hill near Kinloch. 724193 [F,OS]

Sgùrr a’ Chaisg (the point of Easter) Sgùrr a’ Caise (cheese) 576024 [F, CM, OS] MAP.8.73

Sgùrr a’ Chaisteil Mhòir (the peak of the big castle) 628089 [f, CM] MAP.6.19

Sgùrr a’ Chait (the point of the Cat) 617046 [F, CM] MAP.9.44

Sgùrr a’ Ghorm (the blue point) 612089 [F, CM] MAP.6.16

Sgùrr a Leth Bheinn (half mount hill) Near Point of Sleat. [F]

Sgùrr an Easain Duibhe (the sharp rock of the little black waterfall) South of Maol Buidhe. OS 570020[F]

Sgùrr an Loch Aruisg (the point of Loch Aruisg) 577009 [F, CM] MAP.8.47

Sgùrr an Loch Horabhaig (the peak of Loch Horavaig) 579015 [CM] MAP.8.44

Sgùrr Breac (the grey hill) 595071 [CM] MAP.5.125

Sgùrr ‘ian Bhàin (fair Iain’s peak) 608088 [F,CM] MAP.6.10

Sgùrr ‘ic a’ Phì (MacPhee’s point) 589026 [CM] MAP.8.69

Sgùrr na h-Iolaire (the peak of the eagle) 617091 [F, CM] MAP.6.8

Sgùrr nan Caorach (the sheep hill) Above Caligarry. [F]

Sgùrr nan Gobhar (the peak of the goats) Hill between Isle Ornsay and Broadford, above Lochindaal. [F]

Sgùrr\Sgòr a’ Dhruim (mountain cliff ridge) Ostaig. [F]

Na Sgurraichean Breac (the speckled points) 615042 [CM] MAP.9.41

Sìor Sioc (the ever frozen, hard, or dried up one, a bare hill of peculiar shape) [F]

Sìthean Beag (little fairy hill) 559033 [CM] MAP.8.75

Sìthean Beag (the little fairy hill) 583081 [F, CM] MAP.5.110

Sìthean Mòr (the big fairy hill) 562033 [CM] MAP.8.65

Sìthean Mòr (the big fairy hill) 598078 According to Norman MacPherson this is wrongly positioned on the map, it should be at 596091 [F, CM, OS] MAP.5.111

An Sloc (the hollow) 599081 [CM] MAP.5.128

Sloc (the hollow) 593003 [CM] MAP.8.4

Sloc a’ Bhraghad (the hollow of the neck of land; thought properly braghad, genitive of braigh (upland country). Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Sloc an Eòrna (the hollow of the barley) 595085 [CM] MAP.5.102

Sloc Iain Ruaidh (Red John’s pit or hollow) [F]

Sloc Mhic Aulaidh, Amhlaidh (Macaulay’s hollow) On road to Gillen. [F]

Sloc na Biorlain, Birlinn (the hollow of the galley) Also Sloc na Craoibhe (the hollow of the tree) Both at Tarskavaig. [F]

Sloc na Meinnidh, Meinne (the hollow of the ore or mine) An old pit at Tarskavaig. [F]

Sloc, An Slochd, An Sloc Beag (the cave or hollow, little hollow) A narrow, low pass between Ostaig and Gillen. [F]

Slugan Fearaleabhara 615084 [CM] MAP.6.17

Sornagan, Sornaichean, Na (the fire places or kilns) In connection with Sloc na Meinnidh - metal smelting was once carried out hereabouts. [F]

An t-Sron (the nose) 578014 [CM] MAP.8.45

Sròn Daraich (oak tree point) At Ord. According to Peter Morganit is the first ridge as you climb out of Ord towards Togavaig. [F]

Sròn na Gaoithe (the nose of the wind) 619019 [CM] MAP.9.46

Sron na Gearag (the noise of the?) 565008 [CM] MAP.8.59

Sròn na Spàrr (the nose of the spar) 696134 [CM] MAP.4.25.

Sròna, Srònan Garbh(a) (rough points) Sròn charrach (rocky) and garbh both forming Point of Sleat. [F]

An Stac is wrongly placed on the map, according to Charlie MacGillivary, - it should be located at 588001 instead of at 589005 [CM, OS] MAP.8.79

Stacan Dubh. (The black precipices) At Tarskavaig [F]

Stac an Tòrr (a’) Mhòr (Tormore precipice) [F]

Staidhir a’ Cheannaiche (the stairs of the trader) 586089 [CM] MAP.5.95

Stairean an Loch (the stairs of the loch) 588105 [CM] MAP.5.48

Stangan (little pool or ditch) 703121 [PNP] MAP.4.46 Also one at Sasaig according to Forbes

Stangan nam Bodach (the rock pool of the rock cod) 576095 [CM] MAP.5.2

Staran (stepping stones) 696122 [CM, OS] MAP.4.66.

Strangaman,Stagan (sharp pointed rock: Forbes) 667085 [CM] MAP.7.2

Struthan Iain Nèill (Iain Neal’s streamlets) 592007 [CM] MAP.8.18

Struthan ‘ian Floraidh (Iain Florry’s burn) Iain Florry MacKinnon worked at Duisdale House 703143 [CM] MAP.4.09.

Stuc (a hill jutting out from a greater one, steep on one side and rounded on the reverse) One in Glen Sasaig in the region of Allt an Stuic ie near 638115 [F]