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Abhainn a’ Chladh (the burn of the graveyard) 658070 [CM] MAP.7.82

Abhainn an Uird (the river of Ord) Ord. 626125 [F, CM] MAP.3.14

Abhainn an Taigh Sgoile (the stream of the school house), also known as Allt Corrach (the steep burn) or Allt Innis Nèill (Angus Neil’s’ burn) 659081 [F. CM] MAP.7.68

Abhainn Ceann Locha or Allt Ceann Locha (the river of the head of the loch, Kinloch) [F OS] 702160

Abhainn Creag Bharasteil 629031 [CM] MAP.9.16

An Abhainn Mhòr (the big burn) 590005 [CM] MAP.8.23

Abhainn na Pàirc (the burn of the park) 580100 [CM] MAP.5.32

Abhainn Tora 673152 [CM] MAP.1.23

Acairseid, Acarsaid an Rudha (the anchorage, the anchorage of the point) Acairseid from Norse or Old Icelandic akkeri-sàt, akkarsaeti. On the chart it appears as Archasig Hirm ie Acairseid Thioram. Just north of Point of Sleat. 538002.[F, OS]

Ach an Eas (the field of the waterfall) 674098 [F, CM] MAP.7.38

Ach na Cloich’ (the field of the stone) 703131 [CM] MAP.4.36.

Acha’ Tagha, Taghadh (choice field) [F]

Acha Toirsgil, Toirsgian, Sgein (the mound of the peat knife) Only case where acha means a mound. Toirisgil - Norse torf (turf) and gil (knife). [F]

Achacoshenach (the field of stalks or stems) [F]

Achadh a’ Bhicair (the field of the vicar) Ostaig [F]

Achadh an Loch (the field of the loch) 595108 [F, CM] MAP.5.77

Achadh Leirabhaig, Leurabhaig (muddy bay field or the field of the view of the bay) Near Ord.615129 [F, CM] MAP.3.2

An t-Achadh Mòr (the big field) 676163 [CM] MAP.1.12

Achadh na Bàthachadh (the field of drowning\byre- field?) [F]

Achadh or Ach, Auch an lochan (the field of the little loch) At Stonefield. [F]

Achadh, Auch Mòr (the great field) Armadale [F]

Achadh na Cloiche, Auchnicloigh, Achnacloich (the field of the stone) A stone cist was discovered here. The fields are also stony. 589090 [F, CM] MAP.5

Aghaid, Aghaidh a’ Chosnaich (the face, hillside slope of the labourer) - see Achacoshenach [F]

An Aird [F, CM] MAP.8.

Aird a’ bhasair - Ardavasar, Ardvasar-Sair, -Soir (Forbes gives this as meaning the deadly, fatal height but it is more likely to mean the height of the East Bay - Forbes has it wrong: Mr Macdougall.) [F, CM] MAP.9.

Aird Mhòr (the great height) [F]

Aird Reamhar (the fat or rich height) [F]

Aird Snaosaig (snowy bay) Norse snae(s) - snow - and vig - bay. Locally claimed as from snaois - a piece of slice, snaoiseag - a little piece or slice.[F]

An Airigh Fhraoich (the heather sheiling) Near Tarskavaig. [F]

Airigh Loinid, Airigh Loinid Omhain (sheiling of the churn- staff) On Ord Hill [F]

Airigh Mhic Dhaibhidh (the sheiling of the son of David) Sasaig Hill [F]

Airigh na Gobhar (the sheiling of the goats) Monadh Meadhonach [F]

Airigh na Losgainn (the sheiling of the toads or frogs) Monadh Meadhonach [F]

Airigh na Suirgh, Suiridhe (the sheiling of courtship) or Airigh na Saorach (the sheiling of hardship). The first name is given in Forbes and on the first edition of the Ordnance Survey. The second is given on modern OS maps and in local tradition. Only partly in Sleat, it is in the Black Lochs area. See also Drochaidh Airigh na Saorach. 682160 [F, LHS, OS]

Airigh, Airigh Corrach (the rough or steep sheiling) On Monadh Meadhonach [F]

Allen, Ailean (a green or meadow) Forbes records this as being near Camuscross but it is recorded on the Stobie map of Sleat of 1763 as between Letterfura and Kylerhea - 739159.[F]

Allt a’ Bhodaich (the burn of the old man) 672138 [CM] MAP.4.20.

Allt a’ Bhuiribh (the burn of the dead - mairbh) 605016 [CM] MAP.9.54

Allt a’ Chamairt (river of the crooked neck) According to Forbes this was at Camuscross but local residents do not recognise the name. More likely he means Allt a’ Cham-aird which is between Calligarry and Tormore. 615024[F, OS]

Allt a’ Cheanneachain, Cheannaichean (the burn of the merchant) There is a tradition that in a narrow pass near this burn Big MacGillivray killed two pack-men; their bodies were found where the burn met the sea. [F]

Allt a’ Chinn Mhòir (the stream of the great head-land) Ord. 706187.[F, OS]

Allt a’ Choin (the burn of the dog) Kinloch. 706187[F, OS]

Allt a’ Ghairbheid, Gharbhaig 667090[F]

Allt a’ Gharraich, Allt Agharrach, Aghmhorach (the beautiful burn or the winding, changing burn - atharrach) 599006, 599666 [F, CM] MAP.8.10 & 78

Allt a’ Mhuilinn (the burn of the mill) Ostaig. 635064[F, OS]

Allt Ailein, Allt an Ailleinn (the burn of the herb elecampane) This burn runs from Beinn na Seamraig into the sea between Kylerhea and Isle Ornsay. 739159.[F, OS]

Allt an Achaidh Ceapach (the burn of the lumpy field) 667090 [CM] MAP.7.41

Allt an Daraich (the burn of the oak-tree) 629037 [CM] MAP.9.35

Allt an Dòmhnaich, Allt Dòmhnaich, Didòmhnaich (the Sunday burn -also has meaning of the sad burn) Runs south of the Low Square, (ie the Stables) Armadale. 628038[F, OS]

Allt an Dubhlan (the challenge or defiance burn – the challenge thought to be between the boys of Teangue and those of Sasaig, if one of them wanted to cross it) between Teangue and Sasaig [F]

Allt an Eireannaich (the burn of the Irishman - some doubt about the last word) 664093 [CM] MAP.7.42

Allt an Eran, Eirionn, Eirinn, Aifrinn (the burn of the mass – ie the Catholic Church service) Kinloch. [F]

Allt an Fhiodhaich (the wooded burn) 654068 [F, CM] MAP.7.98

Allt an Reoghann, Righinn, Rìbhinn, Rìomhain (the burn of the beautiful maid) [F]

Allt an Shlugain (the burn of the deep pool) 675155 [CM] MAP.1.4

Allt an Stuic (the burn of the stack or cliff) Runs out of Loch Doir’ an Eich 638115 [F, CM] MAP.3.24

Allt an Teangaidh (the burn of the tongue) See Allt an Dubhlan [F]

Allt Anabhaig Runs partly in Sleat, between Ashaig and Kyleakin.[F]

Allt Bealach na Coise (foot-pass burn) South-west of Isle Ornsay. 675118.[F, OS]

Allt Breacach (the speckled burn) 665098 [CM] MAP.7.40

Allt Cailgearraidh (Caligarry burn) Near Tormore [F]

Allt Caillte, Caillte Daraich (the lost burn, oak tree burn) Goes into the sea between Kylerhea and Isle Oronsay from Beinn Aslaig or Beinn na Seamraig, south of Port Aslaig. 756175[F, OS]

An t-Allt Cam (the twisted burn) 666093 [CM] MAP.7.31

Allt Chaol Reithe (Kylerhea burn) Rises on Beinn Bheag 746201 and falls into the sea here. 770206.[F, OS]

Allt Coire Gasgain, Ghasgain (the burn of the Gasgan corry) Falls into sea near Sgeir Chulaidh at Rudha Guail. 735166 [F, OS]

Allt Corrach (the steep burn) Allt Innis Nèill (Angus Neil’s’ burn) Abhainn an Taigh Sgoile (the stream of the school house) 659081 [F. CM, OS] MAP.7.68

Allt Cùl Airigh Lagain (the burn at the back sheiling in the hollow) Airigh-làgain – sheiling of the sowens. 696194.[F, OS]

Allt Creag Uisdean (the burn of Hugh’s rock) otherwise known as Allt na Teanga Mhòr (620031[OS]

Allt Dearg (red burn) Off the Gasgan, Ord. 638128.[F, CM OS]

Allt Dhonnchaidh (Duncan’s’ burn) 661092 [CM] MAP.7 50

Allt Dhugaill (Dougal’s burn) See Loch Dhughaill. [F]

Allt Dhuisdail (Duisdale burn) Allt na Crò/waich/ (the burn of the crop - crop of hair) This burn goes down to Eilean Iarmain. 686127 [F, CM, OS] MAP.4.74.

Allt Eas a’ Mhuic (the burn of the pig or boar’s waterfall) marked on Ordnance survey at 780236.[OS]

Allt Eòghainn (Ewen’s burn) Ewen Curlach? NE of Kinloch [F]

Allt Gead an Lin (the burn of the arable land where flax is grown) 666088 [CM] MAP.7.39

Allt Grianach, Ghrianach (the sunny burn) Into sea near Kylerhea. [F]

Allt Horabhaig (Horavaig burn) 673094 [CM] MAP.7.106

Allt Leth-Shìthein (half hillock or gentle slope burn) Flows through Glean Meodal into Knock Bay. 662104.[F, OS]

Allt Lochan Sgeir, Loch an Sgoir (the burn of the little loch skerry, of loch of the sgor or peak) 704172.[F, OS]

Allt Meodail (Meodail’s burn) 117108 [CM] MAP.4.122

Allt Mhàrtain (Martin’s burn) 653108 [(CM, OS] MAP.4.123

Allt Mhocaidh Allt Bhociadh (Vokie or Mochie’s burn) According to Forbes this was the local Sleat word meaning “frightfulness”. Bocan - a bogle. There is also a story of a giant called Mòchaidh who lived on Sgiath Bheinn an Uird. He is supposed to have kicked or pushed a huge boulder into the sea at Ord. 665152 [F, CM] MAP.1.19

Allt Mhuilinn Thuirinn, Thuireinn (the wheat-mill burn). Probably the same as Allt a’ Mhuilinn 635064 [F]

Allt Mòr (the big burn) Falls into sea at Port na Long, Aird. 590015[F, OS, Stobie]

Allt Mùchte, Mùchta (the suppressed or humming stream) [F]

Allt na Bèiste (the burn of the beast) Perhaps there was some sort of beast here in the olden days. 689115 [F, CM, Stobie] MAP.4.110

Allt na Ceann a-Mhàireach (Sea head burn) Thought same as Allt a Vorevein, Mhorbheinn - near Tormore; also given as Ceann a’ Phort [F]

Allt na Criopag (the rimpling burn) Runs west into Abhainn Ceann Locha. 713177.[F, OS]

Allt na Leth Phinn (the burn of the half) 676155 [CM] MAP.1.5

Allt na Pàirce Fraoich (the burn of the heather park) South of Kyleakin, in Sleat. 738245.[F, OS]

Allt na Sìthein (the burn of the fairy) 675096 [CM] MAP.7.70

Allt na Teanga Mhòr (the burn of the great tongue - of land) Calligary. On the Ordnance Survey as Allt Creag Uisdean 620031[F, Stobie]

Allt nam Meacan (burn of the plants, bushes or growth) Kinloch – see Ard nam

Meacan. 715148 [F]

Allt Reidh Ghlais (the smooth grey stream) Old Celtic glas - a stream. Runs south west into Loch Eiseort. 700191.[F, OS]

Allt Riadhan at Tarskavaig. See also An Riadhan [F]

An t-Allt Ruadh (the red burn) Also called dearg. [F]

Allt Thuill (the burn of holes) Falls into sea north of Rudha Guail and south of Allt Caillte. 746163.[F, OS]

An t-Aodainn Mòr (the great face of slope) A field at Armadale. [F]

Araisg, Aruisg, Airisg, Eaglais Araisg (Arasg church) near Aird. 583010. See also Cnoc Aruisg and Loch Aruisg [F]

Ard Ghunel/Gunel/Gunhild (Gunhilda’s height - Forbes) 704118 [CM, F, OS] MAP.4.83.

Ard Loiste (the burnt height) 577999 [F, CM] MAP.8.52

Ard nam Merchan (spelling on map) Meacan (Forbes spelling) meircean: stem of various kinds of tangle - Dwelly. Allt nam Mercan (burn of the plants, bushes or growth) Thought to represent a luxurious growth of the great common burdock, meacan-tobhach - Forbes. 715148 [F, CM, OS] MAP.4.03.

Ard Snusaich. Forbes notes this together with Ob Snusaich. He is not sure of the derivation thinking it may be related to the word snaoiseach. He places it south of Camuscross so probably means Ard Snaosaig . If so it is at 698108 [F, OS]

Ard Thuirinish, Hurinish, Chuarnish (Wheat point) Near Port na Long.597999 [F, Stobie, OS]

Ard, Aird ‘ic Illican, Uillicein, Cuilcein (MacKillican’s, Wilkinson’s, or Wilkins’ height) A field on the Glebe, Kilmore, nearest the seashore, it was also called the seapark. John M’Killican, minister of Fodderty, who refused to conform with Episcopalianism, held meetings or services here. He had little Gaelic so returned to Alness in 1686. 657067 [F]

Ardchilan, Ardnakeldan, Aird na coilltean (woody heights) Near Lochindaal. [F]

Ardnathan, Athain - near Ard na Meacan [F]

Armadale: Ardmillo (1499), Airmadillis (1561), Ardmidyllis (1644), Armidill, Armodel, Armidle.. (Bay dale). 638047.[F, OS]

Arstag Thogabhaig (Arstag - short grass growing along the shore flats often covered by the sea, the cows love it as it contains salt) Arstag ‘ian Bhàin (Fair Iains’ sea grass) 599118 [CM] MAP.5.84

Aslag, Aslaig (the ridge of the hollow) From the Norse as or ass , a ridge. A port near Kylerhea. See also Beinn Aslag. 770180.[F, OS]

Aulavaig - see Inbhir Aulabhaig [F]