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Sleat At Sea

Fishing in Tarskavaig

There was plenty fish. Tarskavaig was very good for cod. Every Spring three or four boats would go out to catch cod and lythe. They would catch maybe five or six hundred in a day. They would go to Mallaig and sell them there. At times they might sell them locally house to house - maybe a shilling for a cod or 1/1d for a bigger one.

Some boats had an engine, but others only a sail. Normally if there was a boat with an engine, the second boat would maybe send 60 or 80 cod with them to sell in Mallaig. People worked like that to make things easier. But if it was a good day the sailing boat would make for Mallaig itself if it had a worthwhile catch.

(From information provided by the late Donald MacDonald, 1 Teangue, (born 1915 in Tarskavaig), when he was interviewed in 1983, as part of a Sleat History Project)